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Timmy's Birthday Timmy's Birthday

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Short but Sweet

Interesting use of sound effects, a rather hilarious script, and intriguing lip syncing to what I thought was going to be a stick animation video. And all that in a music-less package.

For your first flash, I think it went well. ^^; But I'm being a little harsh.

Heh... still makes me laugh.

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rubikscuber responds:

making people laugh was the point im glad you did

Rainbow Prism- Carry On Rainbow Prism- Carry On

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Definitely a Flash animation.

Watching this video again, I can see you have potential, but you are definitely need to work on some things. I may be incorrect, so don't take my word on a whim; however, I'll list the flaws I saw.

Flat. Some images were quite flat. There was some shading in a few, and I did admire that; it hints at your artistic talent, probably outside of Flash animations. However, it's quite obvious they're flat. Maybe work on thinning contour lines, changing contour lines' colors, and adding more shading. It might increase time, and as you mentioned you were on a schedule, but it was really noticeable.

Lots of tweens. Let me reiterate: lots of filler tweens. At the start with the guitarist, you have a sort of jittery effect with her segment. It reminded me of... hm. Previous music videos? Like, around 1980? Before I was born? Something like that. I enjoyed it, yet it slightly clashed. It reminded me I was watching a flash animation. Not bad... but it got worse.
One part where I totally enjoyed your tweening was when you had a sort of squish: where the singer was doing a sort of fist pump in the air. Totally shocked me: and then you had the guitarist, and she started jumping from frame to frame!... and then it repeated. Like a movie clip. I might be jaded, but a lot of this looked like you set up a few movie clips and repeatedly used them. Obvious.

Also, some of the proportions are off. I mean, I get that you can use foreshortening and chibi effects... but some frames were painfully disproportionate to the actual human figure. Like when you first see the pianist. Just... unnerves me.

Next. Um...You definitely do some effects that I dont' know of. Maybe I could imitate some of the blurs, but some of those lighting effects and how you can slowly fade in a certain color into an entire image... don't know how to do that. ^^;

Ah. And when it's the entire group near the end. I've been learning a lot of parsimony lately, so I might just think there are too many figures in that shot (the one where the singer sorta flies into the background and causes this giant pillar of light to appear (JUDGMENT! ^^; ) ). Or I might be noticing that I've seen each and every one of those drawings/animations throughout the entire animation. If you want a sort of group image, perhaps you could mix it up?

Music was good. You didn't go wrong there.

Overall... good piece. I'm sure that, with some more years of experience, you'll be creating some epic flash animations! :D

Best of luck to you,

eithmableura12 responds:

Thanks for the review! I know it's not perfect, but you know, I'm still working on this stuff. (Thank god this isn't a GAME, it wouldn't even stand a chance of existance done by me)

Actually, the fist pump thing, wasn't a tween at all. I just had two frames of the same picture, and sort of tweaked it to make that squish effect. Same for the guitarist solo.

As for the effects... that's an interesting subject. I really had a field day on that stuff. I just made a movie clip of what looked like spotlights, then shape tweened it to another frame (still inside the movieclip) and changed some colors so that the colors tweened too. You can see that in the huge rainbow effect where it goes from blue to yellow to green to pink, and then back to blue. Also, with movieclips, you can add filters that do all this cool stuff. You can blur the image and make it glow, which is how I got the JUDGEMENT thing to happen!

I forgot to mention that the music is from Sailor Moon. I have a lot of that music lying around.

Thanks again for the review, I'll try not to be so lazy with this stuff. Tweens and fliters are my kind of thing, but I'll try to mix in some frame-by-frame and stuff.


sbc gets a pip boy sbc gets a pip boy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fallout 3 Reference = Hyes.

Alright. To be serious: A good click animation. SAM voice... detailed fruit... not-so-detailed backgrounds, yet worth it. :D

That's about the only bad thing I found about it: the backgrounds. Otherwise...


*puts on top-hat*

Good show, 'ol chap!

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Sword Circle Sword Circle

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Does your sword-enemy collision detection check how fast I'm swinging my sword? Because I can give the enemies a small tap by just strafing and they'll stop as if we're playing a game of freeze tag.

... which I admit is not a bad thing. :X

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everdel responds:

Thanks for the review. The sword is very sharp. ;)

Bad Clock Game Bad Clock Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars




Worth the half-minute of rage! :D

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ZP || Cure to a Broken He ZP || Cure to a Broken He

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Quite a curious song

Sounds just as harmonic in reverse.

Otherwise, um, I'm not in the position to give a critical review. It does sound nice, but, um, listening to it in reverse.

Quite interesting that it sounds just as nice in reverse. Nice tune.