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Entry #3

supersysscvi.years += 1;

2012-06-27 15:55:24 by supersysscvi

Another year has passed and what have I accomplished?

Well, why dont'cha check out for yourself?

^ Unabashed link to a demo reel ^

ANYWAY! :D This fake smile is brought to you by PYRO UPDATES! And I should be working on a game/website/other shit, but the fake smile sure does like not doing anything productive.

But I do have some flash games in production. And by in production means that one is in a "spriting" stage and the other is in the "coding" stage.


So, I hope reading this post hasn't made you completely hate me yet! ^^;

BTW: This is scout. RAAAAINBOWS make me cry! :D /oldMeme

supersysscvi.years += 1;


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